Remote Controlled Iron Man 3D 16 Colour Optical Illusion Night Lamp

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A glowing edge lit acrylic  Iron Man Bulbing Lamp, inspired by Star Wars.


Acrylic Approx Size 13.3cmx22cm


You will receive a 24 Key LED Remote Controller (see pics) to customize the colours of the LED desk light. With the remote controller, you will have a variety of light settings which includes to power on or off the lights, pause or play, dim or change speed of lights and also to create a rainbow of colours.


It features an innovative design of  Iron Man with 100% engraving that's carved on its Acrylic Glass (Perspex) to allow light flow. This also means that it does not contain stickers or paints of any kind. It is also cool, quiet and energy-efficient at the same time.


How does it work? It is made of Acrylic Glass. Acrylic Glass or Perspex have similar light transmitting properties like the fiber optics. Light introduced at one end will flow through the Acrylic Glass which later comes out at the other end.


This product includes an  Iron Man LED Desk Light, a 24 Key LED Remote Controller. The 24 Key LED Remote Controller require a CR2025 battery (included) to function. Also, its energy efficient LED lights have a long lasting lifetime of more than 50,000 hours. It is perfect for the kid's bedroom as no heat is emitted or as a desk decoration. This makes a fantastic gift for kids and adults alike.

Package includes:

  • Iron Man LED Night/desk Light (16 Changing colours)
  • 24 Key LED Remote Controller (battery included)

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