Brand New Babies Fresh Food -Fruit Teat Nibbler – The Perfect Way To Introduce Fresh New Tastes – 4 colors – 3 sizes


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A wonderful way for your baby to enjoy a wide variety of tastes getting important nutrients from fresh fruit and food.
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Pacifier Benefits
  • Easy to use: Cut up fresh fruit or vegetables into small pieces. Screw out the handle to put the pieces into the strainer before replacing the handle. The baby will hold the handle to suck the strainer net to enjoy the food. Remove residue after use and wash thoroughly for next use.
  • Sizes: S: 0-3 months,  M: 3-6 Months,  L: 6 Months and up.
  • Lead your baby to feed by itself. Let your baby to take a full variety of nourishment in addition to breast feeding.
  • Let your baby adapt to various tastes at early age : Abolish your child being choosy over foods at an early age.
  • A wonderful way to sooth baby when teething.
  • Made with food grade silicone
  • Perfect for days out or long road trips

Food/Fruit Feeder or Teething Toys – Great Sucking Toy or Teether Nibbler Perfect sized handle lets your baby enjoy the food by his or herself. Suitable for most kinds of fruit or vegetables, perfect for days out or long road trips. Material: food grade silicone and plastic.

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