Inkless Baby Hand & Foot Print Pad

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Amazing, Inkless Baby Hand & Foot Print Pad

This is the perfect way to capture your baby's little hands and feet, with no direct contact between your baby and the ink. It is easy to use, mess-free and will deliver a highly detailed print.

This Print Pad will create a memory that you can treasure forever.

In order to use the Print Pad you have to simply remove the protective back, place it on the desired final destination and gently press your baby's hand or foot onto the ink pad to create a detailed print. Your baby's skin will NEVER touch the ink!!

After letting the ink dry for 15min. the perfect print of your baby will be ready for framing, using as decoration, putting in the family photo album... the possibilities are endless!

This simply ink pad will grant you a memory that you will be able to cherish for a lifetime! Just imagine looking back at this print and reliving the memory of your baby boy or girl when you drop him/her off to college...

Our ink pads are for newborns only and are a two-time use maximum.

Product features:

      • 100% Mess-free and baby safe
      • Inkless Touch Design
      • Multiple colors available!
      • Size: 9.5*5.7cm (Inside dimensions), overall size 12.5*8cm
      • Non Toxic Stamp Pad Ink
      • Note: Frame not included!









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