8 Colour Wipe-able Bright Neon Liquid Chalk Markers

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 8 Color Liquid Chalk Markers - Bright Neon Liquid Chalk Premium Artist Quality Marker Pen Set - Child Friendly - Perfect for Chalkboards, Bistro, Windows, Glass, Labels, Whiteboards - 6 mm Bullet Tip

  • REVERSIBLE CHISEL BULLET TIP - Makes it easy for kids, young and old to do both fine and bold work! You'll have endless fun creating holiday decorations for Christmas,Halloween, Birthdays, weddings, car windows, glasses and the list goes on. For example, restaurant and bar owners - these chalk pens are great for writing on Bistro and menu boards!
  • USE ON THE SURFACE OF VARIETY MATERIALS - great for use on Chalkboard Stickers, Chalkboard Contact Paper, Glass, Tile, Plastic, Metal, Whiteboards, Card, Message boards and ALL Non-Porous Surfaces. You'll be amazed at the professional drawings and art these chalk markers can be used to produce ... drawing filled with bright neon ink and both bold and fine lines!
  • SAFE TO USE AND EASY CLEAN UP - Dust Free for Asthma & Allergy Sufferers. Non-Toxic & Great for Kids Age 3+, Water-Based, No Odor, Xylene Free, Eco friendly. Simply wipe with a damp cloth and watch as it disappears without the regular smudge and mess!
  • TEST AND TRY BEFORE USED - Remember, if you want to use this on your blackboard or chalkboard you need to seal it first as most of the paint used on these items is highly porous and may absorb pigment and leave staining. If in doubt, always test in a small area first and leave for 24 hours. If you want to use it on porous surfaces such as card, it does not erase.(Note: Markers are not suitable for use on porous surfaces like painted chalkboards and walls.

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